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Washing Machines

Detergents & your Laundry

You know how when you hand wash your dishes, and there’s not enough bubbles (suds) you add in more detergent. That’s because just like brushing your teeth, the detergent acts as a medium to hold the dirt rather than just moving it around the plate, or teeth as the case may be.

But manual washing is vastly different to machine washing.

There a 4 factors that are necessary to wash dishes or indeed clothes. This is known as the Sinner Circle

  • Detergent
  • Time
  • Mechanical action
  • Temperature

If any one of those factors are sacrificed, they must be compensated elsewhere.

Detergents are there to break down fats & proteins. They often have color enhancers, bleaches, scents and water softeners. They tend to work better in warmer 30-50 deg temperatures (yes, that includes Cold Power) and they should not cause suds.

Suds in a washing machine are bad. They can cause leaks, poor spinning, greying of clothes and can corrode the metal parts of the washing machine. They are an alkaline as opposed to an acid.

If you have suds in your washer, the problem is NOT your washing machine. It simply can’t be. You have either too much detergent, not enough clothes or are using a poor quality detergent.

Detergent is NOT like red wine. You don’t get double the benefit for double the dose.

Most manufacturers tend to recommend powder detergents. There’s no real reason, except that the various chemicals tend to combine in an aesthetically pleasing way more easily as a powder. Liquids are more expensive to manufacture.

Whichever detergent you use, if you’re like most people, you’re probably using too much.

So use less detergent and drink more red wine.

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